Introducing the Learn Every Day Planner!


Introducing the Learn Every Day Planner!


If you are passionate about developing lesson plans that stimulate and engage young minds, the Learn Every Day Planner is for you!  The Learn Every Day Planner minimizes planning time and maximizes resources for early childhood educators by combining the functionality of a planner with the convenience of the web.  The subscription-based online service offers access to a wealth of resources while streamlining the lesson-planning process.  The ever-expanding library of digital resources is developmentally appropriate and purposeful whether you educate in a home or day care setting, or coordinate curriculum for an entire school system.


Features of the Learn Every Day Planner include more than 10,000 resources; such as activities, apps, books, music and videos, all integrated into an easy-to-use daily planning guide. These resources are accessible via a single search and may be quickly added to a lesson plan by clicking and dragging onto the Planner. A list of needed materials is automatically generated, eliminating the time usually required to prepare for a specific activity.  Additionally, lesson plans may be electronically shared with principals or other administrators, as well as families, if the teacher chooses.



Features & Benefits


6,500+ activities 

--May be customized and archived and include clear directions and materials lists, as well as recommended books, music and apps.


3,000+ songs

--Offered in 40 genres and 27 languages



--Extensive clips from leading cable networks


SMARTTM Table function

--Activities, eBooks and apps allowing you to reference hundreds of classic and best-selling children’s books


Personalized calendar 

--Daily, weekly or monthly views providing for modification, sharing and generation of daily materials lists


Drag and drop functionality

--Add activities, music, eBooks, children’s books and apps to your lesson plans by dragging and dropping into your Planner


Developmentally appropriate material

--Search by age or grade level for a list of developmentally appropriate activities, music, eBooks and apps


Planning based on common core standards

--Assess planning using a list of common core standards from the 50 states and Head Start 


Sharing with parents and principals

--At your discretion, share your daily plan and resource list with families, other teachers or school principals