About Us


About Us

Today’s children learn in ways that demand creativity, immediate feedback and vivid imagery.  As such, educators are challenged to deliver education in ways that inspire and motivate children and prepare them for a constantly-changing world.  iActive Learning assists teachers, families and administrators of the early childhood education community in capitalizing on the benefits of technology and the advantages it offers in lesson planning and accessing resources that augment instruction in a virtually limitless number of topics.


iActive Learning LLC was formed in June 2011 as a collaboration between Kaplan Early Learning Company and West Third Street Media. Kaplan, with its subsidiary Gryphon House, owns an assortment of books popular in early childhood classrooms, including the Giant Encyclopedia, the Learn Every Day About series, and the Learn Every Day Infant/Toddler Twos Program & Preschool Curriculum. West Third Street Media, with its subsidiary Once Upon An App, develops mobile apps featuring classic children's stories such as The Little Engine That Could and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, for cell phones, tablets and computers. Over time, that vision continues to evolve.


iActive Learning provides a dynamic online classroom management service allowing teachers to create more effective lesson plans while accessing a library of resources that includes group and individual activities, apps, books, music, and videos.  Our flagship product, the ProFile Planner, is a subscription-based online service that combines digital lesson planning with educational content, allowing teachers to electronically plan and manage their classroom activities for a day, a month, or an entire school year.  The platform also provides for tracking of individual student performance, involving parents in viewing and supplementing their child’s daily lesson plans and streamlining approvals for local, state and federal accreditation.


Additionally, iActive Learning offers the iShop, an online shopping destination featuring activities, books, music, apps and videos to complement or supplement the education of young learners.  The iShop employs a powerful search engine that both widens the search for relevant materials and speeds the process of selection and purchase.


Our market includes early education programs that service preschool (ages birth through 5 years old) children, including state funded pre-K, federal Head Start, private and for-profit schools, franchised day care operators and home-based schools and programs.  


Together with our partners, iActive Learning currently offers 10,000+ resources, hand-picked by educators and education professionals for the early childhood education community.