• Automate time-consuming administrative activities with site-level reporting for attendance and meal compliance.
  • Coordinate and push down curricula to each classroom to keep learning consistent.
  • Review each classroom’s daily work schedule and track progress by classroom and/or student.
  • Works across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iOS devices and does not require installation on your computer.
  • Staff training and tech support is available via video, telephone, and on-site training.


  • Create lesson plans from the Learn Every Day curriculum.
  • Supplement lessons by selecting from a database of over 6,500 activities & 3,000 songs.
  • Search for activities, e-books, and music by age, developmental area, standards covered, learning center, materials, and/or interaction type.
  • Track coverage of required standards by classroom and/or by student.
  • Record attendance, meal, nap, and diapering from your phone or tablet.
  • Easily send reports and notes to administrators, parents, and volunteers.


  • Access the classroom schedule online and view daily themes and activities.
  • View work samples and photos of your child in real time.
  • Frequent and more comprehensive progress reports, developmental screenings, and other reports.
  • Access to supplemental content (supplies, movies, books, etc.) to educators and families in coordination with their lessons plans.