Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound

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2 011

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 EPISODE #106 – “SAFE AND SOUND” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – TAKING CARE OF EARS IN ORDER TO PRESERVE GOOD HEARING PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE - INDEPENDENCE The Danger Rangers teach kids and viewers a lesson in the importance of taking care of their ears by staying clear of loud noises that could potentially impair their hearing. The Danger Rangers spring into action when the Decibulls, a hot new rock band, begins to create serious hazards with their very loud music vibrations and overly loud CD’s. The Danger Rangers teach the band to turn down the sound, substitute CD’s on which the volume can be controlled, and emphasize to kids and viewers the damage that loud   noises can do. It is essential to stay away from overly loud music, sirens and alarms; and to use ear-plugs when loud noises can’t be avoided. Just because others are listening to loud music, doesn’t mean you should be unsafe and go along with this practice. Independence is key.