Fires & Liars

Fires & Liars

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2 011

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  • The World Around Us

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 EPISODE #103 – “FIRES AND LIARS”SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – FIRE SAFETY, AND CALLING FOR RESCUE PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – HONESTY When the Danger Rangers encounter two mischievous boys who make a false 911 call when there’s no emergency and then cause a real emergency by playing with fire works, they teach viewers a lesson in fire safety, how and when to call for rescue, and the importance of honesty. Viewers learn the essentials of fire safety including the importance of having a family escape plan in case of fire; getting out quickly; keeping low to the floor below the level of smoke; how to properly check doors for heat; the necessity of keeping home smoke detectors in good repair and testing them regularly; keeping fire exits clear; not playing with fire hazards like matches, candles or fireworks; keeping hands and bodies clear of dangerous heat sources, including stoves, fireplaces, and more; and telling adults about fire hazards like overloaded electrical circuits and gas cans in the garage. Rules for the use of 911 calls are also detailed – stressing the fact that 911 calls are to be used for emergency situations only.